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Cameraholics is a group for collectors of photographica based in Brisbane, Australia that was formed in late 1999 and is the first photographic collectors group (as opposed to camera users group) to be formed in Queensland.

The group discusses interesting and collectable cameras and other items of photographica. Members bring along anything from the most common to quite rare, odd and unusual items to meetings for a round table show and tell. Our member's interests span 19th century photographica, classic folding, rangefinder and SLR/TLR cameras to miniature, odd film size and novelty cameras and beyond.


The Photographic Society of Queensland Inc. (PSQ) represents 42 affiliated photography clubs in Qld and promotes the art and science of photography in all its forms.

Its charter is to provide services to clubs and members in the way of:

  • educational seminars and resources
  • competition opportunities
  • qualified judges for clubs, events, talks and workshops
  • unique Apprentice scheme for aspiring judges
  • insurance coverage
  • opportunity to exhibit photos solely or jointly at Photo Continental
  • photo gallery for clubs who don't have their own.
  Photography Help
logo This webpage looks at the benefits of using a Leaf Shutter Lens and how much additional control it can give you with managing lighting.

Here is the opening paragraph of this page :Have you wondered how something as simple as a lens design might shape your approach to off-camera lighting? And what if that same lens could shape how light is recorded within a camera? Add to that this bonus: this same lens might take what you already have and make it four times more effective?

logo Some amazing ideas and photos on this website of how you can photograph scenes at night and make them look more alive and dynamic than if the sun was shining. All achieved with camera and lighting (not photoshop editing).
logo This webpage had some general photography tips to help you achieve the photos you are wanting to take.
  Photography Stores
logo This webpage is a good introduction to anyone looking to purchase lenses for their SLR Camera, but not sure which ones to buy. It does not cover specific make and model lens comparisons but gives a good overview of what type of lenses are available, such as focal length, zoom versus prime and specialty lenses.

Thanks to Kelsey Loomis for providing us this link.

  Photography Tests and Reviews
logo This website gives you scientific testing reviews on a range of cameras and lenses. So if you wanted to see a direct comparison between numerous different lenses or how one lens works on a Nikon vs a Canon camera then this website is worth visiting.
logo This website can be very informative. He reviews cameras and lenses and gives you his professional opinion and compares that item to all the previous generations of that item.

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